Akhil Autism Foundation in collaboration with Skillsprout the first two day conference in Kolkata India Dec 2010.

AUTISM in Kolkata : By Dr Anjan Bhattacharya CDC Kolkata

It is commonly held against the third world that there is a dearth of proper services for children of a lesser God in these nations. The reasons are multiple. The biggest, in my opinion, is that of lack of the Awareness.

Developmental Disorders are not easy to comprehend, even by the medics themselves. In Kolkata, we need a sustained intervention programme. Applied Behaviour Analysis [ABA] is an International validated tool for such use. With better awareness comes better identification.

We look forward to the enterprise of Akhil Autism Foundation [AAF] and Skill Sprout of New Jersey, USA in bringing such solution to Kolkata through CDC, AGH

If sustained, this programme has the potential to improve so many blighted lives that we appeal everybody in their limited or otherwise capacities to support this initiative with donations and logistic supports.


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