Methyl B12 shots are compounded in USA as per the child’s weight and the protocol recommended by the doctor. AAF now has almost 26 autistic children from Delhi India on MB12 shots now.


Methylation is a critical process for DNA synthesis and repair, protection of DNA and RNA against insertion of viral genes, neuronal myelination and pruning, glutathione production, homocysteine regulation, control of gene expression, metabolic detoxification, and formation of neurotransmitters melatonin, serotonin, creatine, and phospholipids.

A key area in the study of autism involves environmental toxicity and deficient detoxification, with one of the main biochemical pathways of interest being the methylation cycle (Figure 1).


The Methylation Cycle




 This pathway regenerates methionine from homocysteine, via vitamin B12-dependent methionine synthase.

Many autistic kids have low serum methioine, SAM and homocysteine levels pointing to reduced activity of methionine synthase and the decreased turnover of the methionine cycle methylcobalamin (75mcg/kg) two times per week given subcutaneously for one month, the study found levels of plasma methionine increased

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