Respen-A will be available by AAF Virtual Clinic

Akhil Autism Foundation will be starting FREE Virtual Clinic :

First addition will be Respen-A 1. Virtual Clinic : Every 2nd Monday of every Month:

Starting Feb 16th 2015 2.

Free webinars on various topics by Elaine DeLack(Founder, Neuro-Med) Powerpoint presentation slides with audio/video. these webinars will be recorded and can be viewed later.

Question and answers 3 Free Email consultations for AAF members only for Respen-A 4. Respen-A will be available thru our AAF Virtual Clinic for a small service fees for every consultation.

Information of Respen-A: Homeopathic Topical Treatment for the Core Symptoms of Autism: Impaired Social Interaction, Impaired Communication/Language and Repetitive Behaviors

1 in 88 Children Are Diagnosed with an Autism Spectrum Disorder Childhood autism is a neuro-developmental condition characterized by impaired social interaction, communication and restricted patterns of behavior, usually manifested before the age of 3 years. It is four times more common in boys than girls.

Researcher Elaine DeLack (founder, Neuro-Med) has developed a scientific hypothesis for the cause of Autism, and developed a homeopathic treatment for autism that physicians and parents are trying with success.

Second Monday of every month at 8 AM Pacific Time

  • Feb 16 “Respen-A, a Homeopathic Treatment Option for the Symptoms Associated with Autism”  The innovator of Respen-A will discuss its proposed mechanism of action, how to use it and how to get the best results when using Respen-A. 
  •  March 9  “Are Epidurals Contributing to the Development of Autism?” This webinar will discuss the physiological effects of epidurals during childbirth and how this may be contributing to the increasing rates of autism.
  •  April 13 “MAO-A is Essential for Health”  MAO-A is a mitochondrial enzyme and deficiency in its activity can result in illness and many of the symptoms associated with autism.
  •  May 11 “The Perfect Storm”  This webinar discusses how epidurals combined with an MAO-A deficiency can create the perfect storm for the development of autism.
  •  June 8 “Rationale Behind Certain Diet and Supplement Changes When Using Respen-A”  Many supplements can diminish or negate the effects of Respen-A.  This webinar will explain why.
  •  July 13 “Pyroluria and Autism”  These two conditions are often co-existing and they both need to be addressed. 
  •  August 10 “My Child On Respen-A”  Hear testimonials from parents whose child has used Respen-A.
  •  September 14 “Why Do Some Children with Autism Have Very Low Total Cholesterol”  This webinar will discuss this phenomenon and also the cholesterol myth.
  •  October 12  “Can We Supplement Ourselves Into Illness?”  This webinar will discuss some popular supplements and how too much can be as much or more harmful than not enough.
  •  November 9 “An Effective Way to Battle Yeast”  Yeast is a very opportunistic organism and it has become very resistant to our antifungal treatments.  This webinar will discuss a very effective way to control yeast by using the FOS and how to get the most health benefits from FOS. 
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