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Rapid Prompting Method awareness in India – April 2015

AAF’s has expanded its activities not only  in USA but also internationally in India in all prime cities Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Chennai, Gujarat etc.  The organization works at the grass root level by collaborating with the organizations in USA and India.



3 days workshop in Delhi

 10 children Participated70 professionals attended




 RPM is a parent-developed communicative and educational therapy for persons with autism who do not speak or who have difficulty using speech communicatively. The technique aims to develop a means of interactive learning by pointing amongst multiple-choice options presented at different locations in space, with the aid of sensory “prompts” which evoke a response without cueing any specific response option. RPM exploits and develops a rhythmic mode of responding in which the disconnection amongst cognitive goal, affective motive, motor plan, and action becomes less significant because the motor action already is programmed as part of an ongoing rhythm of movements. Education is imperative and has been denied to the Autism community for far too long. Soma Mukhopadyay’s “Rapid Prompting Method”is a key that has “unlocked” the potential for hundreds of individuals and offers a new way of teaching academics particularly for non verbal children with autism


The overall goal is to conduct RPM workshops in Delhi and train 30 professionals from India from all atleast 30 different schools from different states.


Goal: RPM workshop and train professionals and special educators



 RPM Method awareness in schools

a.       Identify a open minded school

b.      Train two special educator teachers from each school.

c.       Donate stencil boards


Pilot projects involving professionals and parents could be initiated by institutes through various collaborations to explore strategies for hands on training and to develop RPM course modules that may be appropriate for each region. Texts on practical trainings can be produced in the common language spoken by educators in each of the States. This will result in more and more parents and educators being trained and explore these special children in large numbers. Such collaborative projects can produce positive results for students with disabilities as well as for school educators across various states.



Sr. No.

Item Description

Cost ($.)


RPM Trainer Consultancy  (AAF)



Accommodation and Food for consultants for 2 people (for 5 days)(AAF)



Conference Hall, 2 rooms, Lunch & High Tea (for 3 days)(UDAAN)



Marketing & Publicity Material(UDAAN)



Internal Travelling(UDAAN)



Donate stencils(1000)



Total Cost



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