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Make MethylB12 shots available to India parents


Dr. S. Jill James (who has recently received a NIH – National Institute of Health – grant for her research) has shown that children with ASD have impaired methylation and decreased levels of glutathione.  Supporting and/or repairing the underlying impairment and deficiency translate into increased social, cognitive and language development. These MethylB12 shots are not available in India thus many autistic individuals do not have access to this treatment. Not many doctors from India are aware of this treatment and since it’s not FDA approved they are not willing to recommend. The only way parents can get these shots is either by researching from various or consulting USA MAPS (autism doctors) online.  USA MAPs doctors are expensive thus only wealthy parents can afford. Since 2009 only two doctors from India where recommending Methyb12 shots for autism. Read More

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