Occupational therapists help individuals with an autism spectrum disorder improve both fine and gross motor skills plus address sensory processing concerns.

An occupational therapist will work with an autistic person to develop skills for handwriting, shirt buttoning, shoe tying, and so forth Occupational therapy is a part of the autism treatment plan and is provided by an registered and licensed occupational therapist (OTR/L) or a certified occupational therapy assistant (COTA).



Brain Development: From Reflexes,Learning and Behaviors

A Jean Ayres are based upon the concept of that stimulation of the postural reflexes through specific physical exercises can encourage the development of more mature patterns of response and will also suppress underlying primitivve reflex activity. General improvement in balance and coordination demonstrate the value of such programs , particulary where the source of the problem lies in lack of postural reflexes with only minimal primitive refles activity still present.

If the primitive reflexes are still strong, however , stimulation of postural reflexes alone will rarely reap concomitant changes in the areas of fine muscle coordination, oculomotor functioning, perceptual processing and academic performance.

Sally Gohnddard Blythe talks about INPP

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